Hoodlums In Pisgat Zev Slash Ten Cars, Spray Graffiti

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More than ten vehicles were found this morning with their tires pierced with graffiti near the vehicles writing: “We do not sleep when the name of Hashem is being desecrated.”

The incident took place in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood of Jerusalem, a neighborhood in which several Arab families live.

The police reported: “On Amichai Paglin Street in the Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, parked vehicles were found in the morning, damaged by their tires, and an inscription was sprayed with paint spray on the nearby wall.

The police opened an investigation.



  1. “Hoodlums” you call them?

    Is that what you also call the fighters of the Warsaw ghetto, and the Jews who attacked the anti-Semitic British forces in Yerushalayim in 1947?

    You have a problem with Jews fighting back to protect our beloved Homeland?

    Oh, sorry, I forgot . . .Nice Jewish boys don’t fight. They only “shteig” in a Bais Medrash.

    • Just because you have undertaken a righteous cause of Jewish defense, doesn’t mean that you have to put down learning. Both are not contradictory, can even be argued as complementary. One thing is for sure: without solid Torah backbone every effort is futile, refer to Irgun transforming into Likud.

      • Learning may be as important as serving in the IDF, but no reasonable person will say that bucharim and avreichem face the same level of physical dangers as a soldier.

        Sadly, I have heard many from the Haredi world dispute this claim, and they argue that sitting in a Bais Medrash is just as physically dangerous as driving a tank or flying an F-16. They lose all credibility with that position.

        • All I’m saying is without Torah, there is nothing to defend, as we can see pre state proud Zionists morphed into a suicidal Judenrat. Any ideology void of Torah will eventually revert to an obvious state of hevel havolim. Our people need Torah, and Torah obligates us to defend Jewish lives.

          • The State of Israel – Medinat Yisrael – a term that is never used in the Haredi or Chasiddishe velts – is the biggest monetary supporter of Limud HaTorah in the world. The State gives hundreds of millions of dollars annually to Yeshivas, Bais Yaakovs, Kollels, etc. etc.

            More than 33% of the graduates of the most recent IDF Officers’ Course are Torah-Jews.

            And the IDF Manpower Branch reported just this past Tuesday that the ranks of the Haredi Netzach Yehuda batallion is the highest in history.

            This is a State void of Torah?

  2. First of all your comment is nasty. Second of all how is slashing tires of unknown people who could very well be Jews help protect the homeland?

    There are numerous Haredi Jews who live in Pisgat Ze even.


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