Hope and Change? 4 In 5 U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, No Work

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poverty-poorFour out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor and loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend. Read a full report here.

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  1. Let them all comit crimes and fill up the jails then it will cost the government close to half a million per person per year. 100,000,000 times 500,000 will be about 50 trillion each year and that will balance our budget.

  2. based on the 2 reasons below, it doesn’t shock me why the economy is crashing & the world is going broke:

    Why is the economy so bad today? Why is the whole world going down? For the past thousands of years there was always Avoda zara in the world-from the molech to the baal to the asheira tree etc…-todays avoda zara is MONEY, we are a servant to money, we serve money, we bow down to money, we let money talk & rule us. Thus we leave Hashem no choice but to take it away from us Rachmana L’tzlan. But you can still save yourself from going down. if a person can use his money the right way & remember that it all comes from Hashem & it was just loaned to him (even though he worked for it), then he is the perfect person to continue holding Hashem’s money.

    In the Torah in the Parsha of Shemitta & Yovel, Hashem Guarantees & promises anyone that if they keep these Halachos they will always be taken care of. (either by getting double in the Sixth year or even having extra) Where is Shemitta & Yovel TODAY in the Diaspora? Where can we find this when outside of Israel is not even responsible for these Halachos? The answer is Hashem promises anyone that if he runs his business with %100 honesty (coming to work on time & not even a minute late, never using your office time to check your personal needs or the news on the computer, paying your employees on time etc…) he is guaranteed to always have money & never have the need to struggle to make ends meet. This is where we are holding today, for those of us that have been-& still are- honest, from before the economy started going downhill in the beginning of the century. They are the people that are guaranteed to make it through the economy-even- when it crashes.

    May we all turn to Hashem for help anytime & not depend on money or others… start working on it now, open up a chovos halevovos for assistance or many other seforim for guidance.

  3. good point chaim it would be nice to see headlines describing the real spiritual causes behind parnasa on both an individual and global basis. However when such attempts are made in other areas like when tragedies strike CV people get very upset when others try to explain the spiritual cause of things.


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