PLEASE DAVEN: Car Collapses On Jewish Man As He Changes Tire In Front Of His Family

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A Jewish man from Montreal was seriously injured in front of his wife and kids as he was changing a tire to his car on Exit 15 on the New York Thruway near Monroe, New York.

The man was driving with his family when tire blew out. Pulling over, the man got his spare tire and began to change the tires himself when the car suddenly slid off the jack, crushing him.
Hatzolah from Kiryas Yoel and Monsey responded to the scene and provided medical assistance on site. The man was immediately evacuated to the hospital by chopper in critical condition.
Please Daven for Nachman ben Hinda Sarah Zisa.


  1. He should have a quick Refuah Shliemah.
    I don’t know that this is the issue in this case, but for anyone changing a tire, it is extremely important to first apply the parking brake/emergency brake/hand brake so the car does not roll off the jack.

  2. note: when jacking up a car, you need to put a block in front of the other side. may he have a refua shleima bkarov.


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