Hospital Discriminates Against Chareidim

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MK Eliyohu Chosid of UTJ called for a Knesset discussion of alleged discrimination against chareidi patients at Ramat Gan’s Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center.

He cited reports that numerous patients from Bnei Brak and other chareidi population centers are denied access to departments they urgently need or unnecessarily shunted to coronavirus units due to exaggerated fears that they may be infected.

When the Sadigura Rebbe was admitted there before his recent petirah, hospital staff sent him to a corona ward and allowed no relatives to accompany him initially despite documentation that he was fully recovered from a bout of the disease, Chosid said. The rebbe’s wife and a son were only allowed to enter his room after 45 minutes and a second son was only permitted inside after MK Meir Porush arrived personally to intervene.

In contrast to the above debacle, hospital CEO Prof. Yitzchok Kraus went out of his way to welcome Defense Minister Benny Gantz upon his recent arrival at the hospital for back surgery.



  1. Not only discriminates but murder patients like they in England and the US. The only safe hospital is Laniodo in Netanya.

  2. MATZAV gives moral support and offers a platform for slandering to Anonymous and Hashem Yerachem” commentators by not posting my replies to them Both of them are liars and slanderers.


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