Hotel Worker Reyna Hangs Mexican Flag from Trump Hotel in Canada

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An Hispanic construction worker in Canada hung a Mexican flag from the Trump International Hotel in Vancouver, Canada, BREITBART reports.

Diego Saul Reyna took the demonstrative action to take a stand against Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s policies on border security and illegal immigration. The flag was draped from the top of Trump’s hotel on Saturday, ABC news reported.

Reyna made the move “because from the concrete pouring, finishing, drywall, taping, wood forming and general labor, Mexicans were there, building it, doing good work,” ABC News quoted from his Facebook page.

“Mr. Trump, we did our best work, your tower here in Vancouver is premium quality, and we were a crucial part of it, not just Mexicans but immigrants as a whole, like your ancestors were, you are not native american,” Reyna continued, “the insults you have said about us, have not changed our work ethics, while working on your tower Mexicans didn’t steal anything nor raped anyone, we just did the best work we could possibly do, for my ourselves, our families and the future tenants in your building.”

Reyna, who recently became a Canadian citizen has received a lot of supportive comments on this Facebook page. Read more at BREITBART.




  1. his ancestors came here legally.
    also, trump did not insult.
    so if one breaks the law and is good builder etc etc we should just pat him on back let him just go ahead nd break the law ?

  2. reyna, i don’t quite understand what you’re saying. mr trump is only upset at mexicans and other foreigners coming in ILLEGALLY. he is claiming that many of these “illegals” are rapists and murderers. are you saying that even though you are an illegal immigrant, you still do great work? or, are you a “legal documented” mexican who entered ( in your case… canada) legally? if you are, then mr trump has no beef with you. who in their right mind would disagree with mr trump that “illegal undocumented” immigration is wrong? i really don’t get it?

  3. It would make more of a statement if he had done that in the US. Is it so hard for people to distinguish that Trump is against ILLEGAL immigration? That he thinks it would be good to be able to know who is coming into this country, where they are from, what they may have done in the past, what skills and strengths they bring?


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