Hotels Invest to Attract Kosher Business

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hiltonThe arrival of some 750 guests for an annual convention this past Thanksgiving Day weekend meant a great deal of preparation for one hotel in New Brunswick, NJ.. The Hilton of East New Brunswick installed conventional locks in all of its 400 rooms so that guests at the convention of Agudath Israel of America could bypass the electronic locks on the Shabbos. In addition, they also made changes to their automatic electric system in rooms so that lights would not go off when guests left their rooms. The hotel staff was busy putting masking tape on the electronic locks so that the door lock was operational only with a key.

The hotel hopes to recoup its investment with repeat business from the group next year and perhaps from many other frum weekend parties and meetings.

The Hilton is not alone in investing money into attracting the kosher groups. One Pesach program organizer said that many hotels had offered to do the same with a multi-year commitment for Pesach . He said that he had encountered similar “goodwill” from hotels in designating specific sections of the kitchen as their “kosher kitchen.”

Several hotels in New Jersey, said the organizer, even offered to convert one of their elevators into a Shabbos elevator, an elevator that would make all stops and be in conformity with halacha.

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  1. There is nothing “bad” about this story at all. Quite the contrary.

    But that will not stop our Yiddishe brothers and sisters from lashon hara over these hotels.


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