Hotline Founded For Women ‘Offended By Kosher Buses’

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mehadrin-busYerushalayim-based organizations battling the so-called “kosher” bus lines – lines which require the separation of men and women – have established a hotline catering to women forced to sit at the back of the bus.

Founders of the hotline have begun to advertise it using flyers and signs hung throughout the city, which promise “never before attempted means” to battle “discrimination.”

The organizations say that in recent years discrimination against women has been on the rise. “In sacred places like the Kosel, women cannot fulfill their religious obligations as they wish, and even on some of the sidewalks in Yerushalayim,” the ads say.

 Yuval Yavne, an activist in the forum established by the organizations responsible for the hotline, says he and his colleagues “want the picture displayed in full.”

 “This is not just about buses in which women are forced to sit in the back, but also about sidewalks, places of prayer, and many other locations. The removal of women from the public sphere under the guise of halachic ruling is dangerous to democracy and Israeli society as a whole,” he added.

One month ago a protest against the kosher lines took place in the capital. Demonstrators stood outside the gates of the Supreme Court carrying sign pointing those headed there to a specially appointed sidewalk. The signs called for a separation on the sidewalk between men and women.

“Women are asked to separate from their children and wives from their husbands. Please refrain from causing us to use violence against you,” the signs said.


{Yair Israel}


  1. Nah, why don’t you start a support line for your fellow Women of the Wall members who want to read the Torah and wear tefilin at the Kosel.

  2. I wish them lots of luck!

    In regards to ‘mehadrin busses’ and separate sidewalks- There is no reason why extremist chumrahs need to be forced down other peoples throats.

  3. Who ever doesnt like extremist Chumrahs is free to go elsewhere especially to Arab neighborhoods and on Arab buses. I love the Chumrah
    Buses and Neighborhoods – and I am
    a Modern Orthodox Chlemite!!!!

  4. I can’t speak for buses in E”Y. The buses which are divided down the aisle in NY are Monsey Trails. The Willy/BP buses were divided the other way the last time I took one (last yr). So is the Montreal/NY Bus. The women are always being pushed farther back, if there are men expected to get on at coming stops. The male passengers, however young,old,strong, nebechdig, frum or not they may be always get priority. There’s definitely a lot of bumping and brushing (inadvertantly, of course) through the curtain on the Monsey Bus. It’s also extremely claustrophobic, with that dirty curtain closing off access to light and air. But, then why do females need to see or breathe? P.S.I am not a feminist!Not looking to join a women’s minyan, either,

  5. Thank G-d for the separation on the buses! I don’t want to even begin to describe the offensive behavior that women must bear on mixed seating (and standing) buses.

    I wish ALL buses had separate seating.

  6. #9, after that disclaimer, we are convonced you’re not a femminist. Un huh. But after the curtain remark, sounds like a kid loking to gripe! (why would ight etc be anymore of an isssue toward women than to men?)

  7. secularist compare the torah attitude towards male/ female seperation to sharia law. These is no comparision people. Just learn what the Torah and our Rabbis have to say about this issue.

  8. #13:I’m not a kid with a gripe. I’m a frum g’mother, b”h. B4 the mechitza & enforced segregation, whenever I used any of these busses, womwn naturally chose to sit with other womwn & men with men- unless you were a couple & chose to sit together. Now, of course, that’s not optional. Why it seems to affect women more? It’s something done by men against women. Women don’t drop the curtain down on these busses; it’s always men. It hampers ease of movement for women- who are usually shlepping peckalech, kvetchy kids, diaper bags, umbrellas, folding strollers, pocketbooks, scarves, gloves, etc.. Men just get on with a sefer & relax. My husband just loves to travel by bus! He can’t fathom why I don’t share his enthusiasm. I think women also find it more offensive to brush(to put it b’loshon sage-nahar)against unknown men.

  9. I favor every effort to safeguard
    and promote “tzneeus”. Haredi Yeedin are
    entitled to establish the seating arrangement
    described above.

    But “saychel tov” and “middos tovos”
    should not be discarded. Blogger #14 raises
    valid “taanos”. I have observed cases, for
    example, when women carrying heavy packages
    and pushing their baby carriages were not
    helped by male passengers seated in the
    immediate vicinity. (There would be no
    “tzneeus” infraction for the men to help
    the women in such cases as they get on the
    bus. Here it is all about “Gemilus Hasadim”
    –kindness– which HASHEM expects of us.


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