House Approves Refugee-Curbing Bill

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capitol buildingThe House approved legislation on Thursday which would make entry to the United States from Syrian and Iraqi refugees much more difficult. 47 Democrats voted in favor of the bill with all but two Republicans, bringing the total tally to 289-137.

The measure would require the FBI to do background checks on refugees attempting to enter the country from Syria and Iraq specifically. Following that check, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security would report to Congress about the lack of threat of each admitted individual. The vote count exceeded the necessary minimum to override a veto. Read more.



  1. The House of Representatives wasted a day today. On the other side of the Capital, Senators are actually talking about doing things that might have some positive effect, like finally approving an Authorization for the Use of Military Force against Daesh (Obama requested it in February) and doing something about the REAL threat of people entering the US with hostile intent — the visa waiver program. Refugees get 18-24 months of vetting while anyone from a visa waiver country can come here with no visa and essentially no vetting. Remember that the 9/11 terrorists entered the US legally and that the 11/13 terrorists were mostly French citizens who also could have come to the US with no visa. The US admits millions of visitors every year with little or no vetting and the House of Representatives is worried about one one hundredth as many vetted refugees.

  2. The British held many German Jewish immigrants on islands off the coast of England for the duration of the war in the 1930’s and 40’s. They were afraid that these German speaking refugees could be spies. Think about all those Syrians coming here, many could be worse than spies.


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