House Intel Committee To Probe DHS Involvement In Portland Protests


The House Intelligence Committee is launching an investigation into the Department of Homeland Security’s response to protests in Portland and other cities across the United States.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the panel’s chairman, in a letter said he wanted information on how DHS had monitored protestors, and its reported dissemination of intelligence reports on journalists and protestors, saying its actions had gone “well beyond the Department’s traditional missions.”

Read more at The Hill.



  1. This chazer fressing, self hating Jew once came to speak at the home of one of our frum left-wing DemocRAT lawyers in the Hancock Park area of Los Angeles. We discussed issues and asked questions and exchanged viewpoints and opinions. I don’t think there was even one frum attendant at that event who came away with anything but nausea and disdain from this guys rhetoric.

  2. OK so now we know that Adam Schiff was also coronavirused as this is not Adam Schiff and this is not the shape of his mouth. Where are his popping eyes? Unquestionable that the Swamp is not being Drained.


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