House Panel Announces Contempt Proceedings Against Pompeo

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The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee announced contempt proceedings against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday, citing his refusal to comply with a subpoena for records into his “transparently political misuse” of department resources.

The Democratic chairman of the committee, Eliot Engel, also cited Pompeo’s speech from Jerusalem before the Republican National Convention and said “he has demonstrated alarming disregard for the laws and rules governing his own conduct and for the tools the constitution provides to prevent government corruption.”

The committee last month issued a subpoena to Pompeo demanding documents he provided to Republicans investigating Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A Republican-led U.S. Senate committee has been gathering information related to Hunter Biden, son of the former U.S. vice president, Republican President Donald Trump’s opponent in the November election.

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  1. Elliot Engel is a small miserable man. It’s a shame he wasn’t kicked out of Congress even earlier. He feels that by ingratiating himself with the goyim Trump haters, they’ll just love him. An obedient Jew that would be first to enter the cattle cars. Sick evil narcissistic man.


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