House Set To Vote Today For Another $1,200 Stimulus Check, Extended Unemployment


The House will vote today on The Heroes Act—the latest stimulus relief bill that includes, among other things, a second round of $1,200 stimulus checks, $200 billion in hazard pay for essential workers and a six-month extension to the COVID-19 unemployment program.

So far, Congress has passed several large stimulus packages in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the House has put forward another one and will vote on it today. The details of this latest coronavirus stimulus relief package were released Tuesday.

If this stimulus package becomes law, it would insert an additional $3 trillion into the economy in the ongoing effort to address the outstanding concerns and needs of those most impacted by the pandemic. It would also help to fill state, local and tribal government budget shortfalls.

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  1. Sounds great. How about paying the first round of stimulus checks already?! You can’t trust the crooks in Washington.

  2. sure have the govmnt pay everyone millions
    the govmnt doesnt have any momey
    its the people taxes
    perhaps people should learn not to live like hogs and actually save some money
    Yosef Hatzadik taught us that long time ago


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