House Speaker Boehner Says Majority of Congress Opposes Iran Deal


boehner2John Boehner, the Republican speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, says, “It’s pretty clear that a majority of the House and Senate, at a minimum, are opposed to this [Iran nuclear] deal. What those numbers look like post-Labor Day, we’ll see.”

The House and Senate are expected to vote on the agreement after the Labor Day holiday in early September.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. WONDERFUL!But it appears that its too late for congress to stop the deal ,obamination is selling the deal to the UN which will isolate israel. only teshuva will help us now HASHEM YERACHAIM!!
    PS dont forget the 80%of yidden who never left mitzraim are still here in the US supporting the democrats.After all we also have NETUREI KARTA who support the iranian murderers.YESHUAS HASHEM K’HEREF EYIN .DAVIN AND BEG HASHEM FOR A EMISDIKA YESHUAH WITH MINIMAL YESURIN


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