House Speaker Paul Ryan Dismisses Resignation Rumors


A Republican congressman says that House Speaker Paul Ryan might soon resign, but Ryan’s office says he’s not going anywhere. Ryan’s office dismissed the speculation. “The speaker is not resigning,” his spokesperson, AshLee Strong, told CBS News on Monday.

Earlier, Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Nevada, told a local journalist that there was a rumor that Ryan was on his way out, and that Rep. Steve Scalise, a Louisiana Republican who currently serves as majority whip, would replace him. Read more here.



  1. Why is it only a fake rumor that this RINO snake is not resigning? He should have been fired as soon as Trump took office.

  2. He should resign. After all, it’s the Trump era, true conservatism is dead, and all the new “Republicans” (or Trumpets, as they are known) don’t care for Ryan and his conservative values. Let him move aside, so Trump can get his trillion dollar stimulus, his immorality, his anti-free trade agenda. In fact, Ryan should just hand it over to Pelosi, her ideology is much closer to Trump’ s than anyone else in the GOP.


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