Housing Developers Sue New York Officials For Trying To Keep Out Chasidim

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The developers of a housing project in Chester, New York, have sued public officials for trying to prevent the development to keep Chassidim from moving in.

The lawsuit filed earlier this month by The Greens at Chester developers in federal court in White Plains, New York alleges that town and county residents and officials attempted to prevent the project’s development due to opposition to a chasidic influx. The developers have asked the court to reverse the town’s building-permit denials for homes that comply with approved plans. They also are seeking $80 million in compensatory damages, $20 million in punitive damages, and compensation for property they say the town effectively has taken away, according to the newspaper.

Greens at Chester, a 431-home development being built on a 110-acre site, is slated to be a predominantly Chassidish community for up to 3,000 people.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. I hope they win and get 3000 dancing and singing chasidim who will make the neighborhood lebedik!


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