How Can One Not Cry? Rachel Efrat Atias: “They’re All Dead?”

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crash-zaka-tzefas-atiasRachel Efrat Atias, 7, is still trying to comprehend the death of her entire family in a horrific traffic accident late Monday night.

“They’re all dead, all dead?” She reportedly asked her uncle in tears on Tuesday. “They keep us up…”

Rachel, who alone survived the family car bursting into flames after it struck a rail and overturned, told her family about the seconds before the accident.

“The car started to move quickly and our mother told us to read from the book Psalms,” she said. “We knew something was wrong and prayed.”

“Mother kissed me, and there were screams in the car. Father called the police before we crashed, he cried and cried,” she added.

Police officials on Tuesday said their initial investigation had concluded the accident that claimed eight members of the Attias family resulted from mechanical failure.

However, police stress the investigation is not complete. Investigators are now reportedly looking into the cause of the mechanical defect, and have not ruled out possible negligence on the part of vehicle inspectors.

To this end, Police are bringing in engineers from the Ministry of Transportation – and experts from an outside firm – to examine the car in detail.

The car passed inspection only three months ago, but the steep hills from Tzfat to Tiberias wear out brakes very quickly.

The Atias family late Monday night was returning to their home in the national religious community of Bar Yochai, located near Meron and Tzfat.

The driver, Rafael Atias, 42, realized his brakes were not working and phoned the emergency hotline.

As the car sped down a hill out of control, Atias’ wife Yehudit, 42, abruptly stopped a conversation with the hotline and screamed. “G-d. Save us. HaShem, save us.”

The victims, besides the parents, are Avia, 17, twins Eliyashiv and Neria Shimon, 16, Shira, 11, Tair, 8 and Noa, 4.

Read more coverage at Israel National News.

{Israel National News/ Newscenter}


  1. hashem yerachem!!!!!!! its so heartbreaking!

    but you know what…its called..yiddish kiderlach..WAKE UP!!!!!! MOISHIACH IS ON THE WAY……

  2. This is heart wrenching. How can anyone not cry and do something different in their lives? Its obviously a message from Hashem for us to mend our ways, but most people just go on about their daily lives. No reaction from most people. Sinas Chinam still lingers on, lack in kovoid beias Hamedrash is rampant. Loshon Hora is alive and well, lack of tzenius still plagues most communities. So this is where we are. How unfortunate it is that most see no need to change their ways. A wake up call like this should be a stark reminder, but no, worrying about how your next steak will taste at your most favorite restaurant is more important. May people have the daas and seichel to be choizer bitshuvah quickly

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  4. #6.Eli you make a good point,however,it would
    be worthwhile for you to comment yourself,how
    perhaps you yourself are taking on something as
    a result of the sad accident.We must not be
    MEKATREIG on Yidden,we can never know how many Yiden have/will be MEKABEL on themselves
    in some way to improve,and each of us know full
    well where we need improvement.


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