How can Organizational Change Yield Success?

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Leadership and Marketing Update from H. LEINER & CO. 

Change is something that often leads to discomfort and unknowns. However, in today’s world, change has become a constant mode of operation for companies and organizations alike. It’s essential that you embrace change in a proactive way while also ensuring that your employees are on board. In order to create successful changes that will yield to greater organizational success and stronger beneficiary and employee relationships, you first have to implement CAT!

Constant: Leaders and employees often expect change to be temporary, spanning a limited time frame. In reality, change is the only constant that can be expected; it continuously recurs throughout organizational development. If you want your employees to embrace change, you have to help them get comfortable with it. Celebrate successes that emerge as a result of change, brainstorm innovative ideas in group meetings, and utilize a growth mindset while approaching adjustments and shifts in organizational procedures.

Action: When explaining to employees how change will occur, remember to make it real. By articulating actual examples of things that will result from organizational change, or even playing out situations that will improve as a result of change, you will motivate employees to seize the opportunity proactively. They won’t just watch the change happen from the sidelines, but they will join in to implement the change in a way that spurs organizational success.

Tangible: If you want your team to embrace change positively, you need to explain the how and the what behind it. Don’t just announce that things will be different; elaborate on the details of what will be different and how it will come to fruition. What’s more important is to make sure that your employees know their roles in the change process. That way, your team will envision the change before it’s implemented, and your employees will understand how they individually play a part in it.

When keeping the change alive throughout organizational growth, remember the fundamentals of CAT! Through the implementation of CAT, you’ll make change constant, and you’ll be empowered to show your employees what will be different and how it will happen. By bringing the team on board with the positive journey of organizational change, you’ll optimize the opportunity to increase organizational improvement.




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