How can Technology help your Culture?

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How can technology help your culture?

Technology today is rapidly changing. Not only is it hard to maintain your organizational culture in general, but it’s even harder with the dynamic variable of technological advancement.

How can you further your organization’s mission, and help reach organizational goals, all while trying to navigate the pervasive impact of technology in the workplace?

The answer is: DOC!

Democratization of Information: Having easy access to technology can sometimes be a distraction at work. However, updating employees and beneficiaries about organizational changes and initiatives is much easier with the transparency of technology. To maintain an effective workplace, you need to keep people informed. Whether with data, projects, or goals, technology can streamline your organization significantly and increase progress as a result.

Opportunity: Instead of having a yearly check in, technology can provide your organization with the opportunity to track employee progress. With the help of technology, employee performance can be more productively gauged with regards to organizational initiatives. It can be a conduit to provide timely and constructive feedback for employees and leaders alike.

Collaboration: Technology allows for greater teamwork efficiency. Working together on group projects or goals can sometimes be difficult, especially without efficient communication systems. By using collaborative apps, team endeavors can be achieved with efficient and effective communication.

With the help of DOC, your organization can see improvement not despite, but with the help of technological development.

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