How Can You Present Information More Effectively?


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Presentation skills are crucial to both personal and organizational success. We present ideas in order to share information or opinions, convince people to invest in our organization, teach others how to improve, and achieve many other goals. These presentations can be anything from a formal workshop or pitch to informal sharing of ideas with coworkers. Regardless, it is important to take full advantage of these presentations in order to ensure that they have the intended effect on your organization. It is therefore extremely valuable to work on presentation skills, as growth in this area can make a tremendous impact. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure that you have the basic elements of a great presentation:


Who are you addressing? To begin with, think about who you’re addressing. Are you addressing someone who has no background in what you’re speaking about, or an expert in the field? Are you speaking to someone who’s very tight on time, or someone who you can afford to take longer to explain things to? Think about who you’re addressing, and tailor the presentation towards that specific group. Add in more basic explanation for those less experienced, but cut out any extra information for those who are more experienced. Properly tailoring your message to your audience goes a long way in making it impactful. 

What’s your goal? What is your goal in presenting this information? Are you trying to introduce a new method, to promote people’s interest in your company, to convince people of a new way to look at things? First make sure that your goal is clear to you, and then make sure that the people you are speaking with know your goal. Knowing your own goal helps your presentation stay focused and productive, and making sure that the audience knows your goal helps them staying primed for hearing and accepting the information you present. 

Is your message clear? Regardless of how important the information you have to share is, if it’s not presented in a clear way the message will be lost on your audience. Make sure that your presentation is clear not just to you, but to those who will be hearing the presentation. Think about how you have organized and phrased the information, and make sure that it’s done in such a way that your audience will clearly understand your message.  


Keep these main points in mind any time you prepare or give a presentation, whether it is formal or not, to a large group or a small group, persuasive or instructive. These tools will help you get your message across in a clear, impactful way. 


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