How Can You Use Feedback to Fuel Your Growth?

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Leadership and Employee Development Update from H.Leiner &. Co. 

While people may be naturally more or less receptive to feedback, understanding its importance and potential benefits can help us all become more open to feedback. Feedback can sometimes feel like criticism, discouraging us, and making us feel less motivated to work on our shortcomings. However, when viewed correctly, feedback can be a powerful tool for growth. The following are a few tips for how to better receive and grow from feedback. 


  • Value growth, not perfection – It is easy to get caught up in being perfect, forgetting that the goal is consistent improvement, not instant perfection. If you are focused on perfection, any bit of negative feedback will be viewed as a failure. Focus instead on improvement, and feedback becomes a route towards improvement, highlighting what areas you can grow in.
  • Focus on the feedback, not who’s giving it – If you focus on the person who’s giving you feedback, it’s easy to take feedback personally. Focus instead on the feedback itself; reflect on the area you need to improve in and how you can take steps to grow in that area. 
  • Seek out feedback – Instead of waiting for feedback to come to you, think about how you can proactively solicit feedback from those around you. Feedback gives you an outside perspective on how you’re doing, often providing insights that you may not have realized on your own. 



Feedback can be an immensely powerful tool for growth. Learning how to properly receive feedback allows you to fully harness the potential of feedback and use it for personal growth, which in turn positively affects your organization. 


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