How does the Agudah impact you? State Advocacy




  1. Aguda is our community’s premier org. they are guided by daas Torah 100% and they fight off liberals desire to make us learn about toeiva and other evil things. we must vote 100% the way their activists and board members tell us as they have our interests in mind.

  2. Thank you Agudah! You have always been there for Klal Yisroel and have represented us with respect and honor to the Torah. Ashreichem…

  3. those in the know Who however are largely not part of the official comfy establishment
    are saying that We are
    fighting less crucial important battle
    we’re so obsessed with hours
    do we prefer a shady quid pro quo
    that is not the main issue And the state board it’s Insidious backers are fully aware

    the main issue as stated eloquently is not how many hours they teach but what

    there are certain subjects That ought to be unequivocal red lines Where Shall not be any compromise whatsoever

    Some are busy pontificating to us the wrong issue due to their own self absorbed connections They will pull soon out some underhanded mysterious deal and claim that we won even if it’s Fool’s Gold


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