HOW GENEROUS: Amazon Gives Turkey Vouchers As Bonus

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Amazon has upset some of its veteran workers by giving them vouchers to buy Thanksgiving turkey while cutting $3,000 bonus checks for some new hires, a new report says.

The e-commerce giant’s staffers have griped about the disparity in social-media forums where they’ve shared pictures of “turkey vouchers” worth as little as $10 that they were given as thank-you gifts, Bloomberg News reported Tuesday.

The coupons are paltry in comparison to the sign-on bonuses Amazon is offering prospective warehouse workers it’s hiring to get through the holiday shopping season. The incentives vary by location, ranging from $1,000 in Kentucky and Minnesota to $3,000 in parts of Illinois and California, job listings show.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. Amazon has always been an extremely abusive work environment, where the minimum wage employee is not allowed a lunch break or allowed to use the bathroom. Very wicked evil management. AOC was correct in NOT allowing abusers to move into our neighborhood. For those arrogant greedy real estate moguls who ran and purchased every piece of garbage property available in Long Island City, I say, too bad. Don’t give us your sanctimonious crocodile tears.


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