How Goal Setting Can Help Your Organization

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Leadership and Goal Setting Update from H.Leiner & Co.

How Goal-Setting Can Help Your Organization

While goal setting is a concept that we often hear about, it is a practice that many of us do not engage in, at least not to a large extent. However, goal setting can benefit us tremendously, both on the individual and organizational level. There are many benefits of goal setting, and understanding these benefits can help motivate us to set goals that propel our organizations forward.


  1. Goals create focus – Clear goals help us key in on exactly what we want to accomplish, as well as their relative importance. This helps us prioritize our time and focus on accomplishing what’s most important. This helps us avoid distractions, as we know what must be done and avoid things that distract us from accomplishing it.
  2. Goals trigger behavior – While we may know that we should be working on finishing a certain project or improving a certain trait, it is often hard to translate that knowledge into behavior. Setting a clear goal motivates us to act, as it challenges us to accomplish something by a certain time. This helps us avoid procrastination, as we have the structure and motivation to accomplish our goals.
  3. Goals sustain momentum – When we set a goal and then accomplish it, we naturally feel good about ourselves and our work. This pushes us to set further goals and accomplish them as well, which feeds into our feelings of productivity and accomplishment. This helps us build a cycle of accomplishment that helps us remain consistent in our goal setting and improvement.


Whether you are looking for increased focus, extra motivation, or a sense of achievement, goal setting can be a powerful way to push your organization and yourself further.




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