How To Improve Your Academic Writing In College: Top 6 Tips

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At any stage during your college or university career, you will struggle with several of your assignments or assessments, which is completely normal. While no-one enjoys this part of the experience, college work is stressful and sometimes you will struggle to write what they have asked of you. It is all part of the experience. If, as you write your assignment, you feel you need to make improvements to what you are writing, then take a look at our six top tips on how to improve your academic writing whilst you are attending college.

Take the Time to Plan and Structure your Assignment

Before you even start to write your assignment, be sure to take a reasonable amount of time to plan and structure your work. By doing this, you are ensuring that you will stay on topic throughout your writing, which will result in your work being more direct. Within your planning time, you can also outline the topics that you wish to discuss within your assignment, this will allow you to collect the necessary resources you need before you start to write. By knowing your topics beforehand, you can properly structure your work, which will allow your words to flow from one topic to the next, which will further strengthen your argument.

Use the Correct Grammar and Punctuation

Using the correct grammar and punctuation is the easiest way to make an immediate improvement to your college work. Not only will it ensure that your work makes sense and as a better flow, but your lecturer or professor will take your assignment seriously as a body of work. While it is important that as a student you have a good basic understanding of punctuation and grammar as you write, there are also various apps and programs that you can purchase (or that are free) to help you check your work. Of these apps, Grammarly is a popular choice used by many students.

Be Careful not to Ramble, be Concise

As you write your assignment, be sure to not ramble and remain concise in how you structure your arguments. While it can be tempting to use additional ‘fluff’ within your paragraphs to increase your word count, your lecturer or professor will be aware of what you are doing and will not take too kindly to it. Padding out your work will also dampen down your arguments and make them seem weaker than they necessarily are.

Try not to be too Descriptive, Remember to Write Critically

Another way to improve how you write your college work might be to change the tone or way that you write. We recommend using Easyessay for such services. Usually, college lecturers or professors want to see not only descriptive writing but mainly critical writing. The person you are writing your assignment for will have a high level of understanding and knowledge of the topic you are writing about, so try to not get too immersed in the basic details and remember to bring a critical mindset to the words that you write. Remembering to use an active voice rather than a ‘passive’ voice as you are writing your assignment, may also help with this issue.

Remember to Edit and Proofread your Work Multiple Times

Perhaps the most important tip on this list is to make sure you edit and proofread your work, you can either do this as you write or when you have finished your assignment. If you have followed all of our tips so far, and you do not edit and proofread your work, then you will probably not see any changes in your academic writing. The editing segment of writing an academic piece of work is one of the key areas that cannot be skipped, as you may submit work that lacks understanding (or simply makes little sense) and could be littered with mistakes. While proofreading will fix this issue, editing as you read can also improve your assignment further as you may also catch areas for improvement in your wording and flow which will strengthen your assignment overall.

If You Are Still Struggling, Ask For Help

Our final tip is to seek help if you are really struggling with your academic writing. If our previous tips have not helped improve your academic work, you may have a deeper-rooted problem with the work being assigned to you. Your university or college will have resources to help you and remember that your lecturers and professors are there to assist you however they can. There are other students at your university or college that will be struggling when they write their assignments too. You could consider forming study groups and taking part in peer assessments when you write your assignments, as your peers may help you understand the work further.

By accurately following these top tips on improving your academic writing, you will see a general improvement in your college work. If you are still struggling, then remember to do tip number six to seek help within your college or university, as they will have further resources to help you.


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