How to Prepare for Infusion Therapy

Woman doctor giving infusion therapy to a patient at hospital.
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Preparing for infusion therapy is nothing like it was in the past.


Tech meets wellness with ivee, which means you can now arrange to have your infusion therapy treatments done directly from the comfort of your own home.


Infusion therapy is something that has long been used in hospitals for patients who need IV drips to get extra nutrients into the body. But nowadays, you don’t need to be a hospital patient to get your infusion therapy. In fact, you can be perfectly healthy and still benefit from an infusion treatment!


In general, infusion therapy is a quick and effective way of delivering the right amount of hydration and nutrition to your body. It does so by going straight into your bloodstream so that your body can absorb it super fast. Some essential nutrients include vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids.


Infusion therapy takes roughly 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment. People benefit from it in a range of ways, including a big energy boost to fight fatigue, getting extra hydration to prevent headaches and muscle cramps and strengthening the immune system to help combat the risk of illness.


If you are wanting to give infusion therapy a go, which we highly recommend, there are some specific things you should do to prepare.


Here is everything you need to know in advance of your treatment!


1. It is safe and easy

First of all, don’t stress! There is nothing to be nervous about. The infusion therapy treatment should be one of relaxation. Many only feel a small pinch at the start of the treatment and then you simply sit back and let the IV drip do all the work. So stay calm and look forward to it!


2. Book online

If you are wanting to book your infusion therapy treatment at home, make sure to book online right on  You can book an individual IV treatment, or even enroll in ivee’s Wellness Membership plan.


3. Communicate your medical history

In preparation for your infusion treatment, it is important to communicate your medical history to the team that will be administering your therapy. This is because each infusion therapy is administered with expert medical oversight. Each can also be unique to the individual patient, so they will be able to tailor the IV drip for your health goals.


4. Hydrate in advance

While the IV drip will be hydrating your body, it is still important to get hydrated in advance of the therapy treatment. In the hours leading up to the treatment, make sure to drink lots of extra water. That way your veins will be dilated and the injection of the needle will be simple and fast! 


5. Wear comfortable clothes

As we mentioned earlier, the infusion therapy will take anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the type of IV therapy you receive, so you will want to wear clothes that are comfortable. During the treatment you will be sitting down and moving as little as possible, so we recommend loose-fitting sweats or athletic attire. The loose clothing will also help the Registered Nurse administering the treatment to better monitor your vital signs.


6. Choose a relaxing environment

Since you don’t have to go into a hospital to get this treatment, you should take advantage of being able to make the whole process as relaxing and soothing as possible. Turn on a chill acoustic playlist in the living room. Fluff up your couch with extra blankets and pillows. Bring an oil diffuser or scented candles into the area where you will be getting your treatment. All of these little details will help you create a relaxing environment that lets you fully benefit both mentally and physically from the infusion therapy.


Infusion therapy treatments are designed to enhance your overall wellness and are something that should be enjoyable. Whether it is feeling more energized or strengthening your immune system, the infusion therapy treatment will help you feel better. The preparation before the treatment is very straightforward and simple, so there is no reason to delay signing up for your treatment session today!


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