How to Train Your Essay Writing Skills to Overachieve in College?

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Essay writing is one of the most integral parts of the college education. No matter how well you can write papers, there is always a scope for improvement. Whether you are asked to improve your essay writing skills or you yourself feel that you must improve more, then you are in the right place. Your grades or scores depend a lot on how you write an essay. You need to ensure that you are doing the best job to achieve more than what anyone can expect from you. In college, a lot of credits and adorations are given to a well-written essay, but in case you are stuck with your paper you better google “paper writing service reviews”.

We will discuss some of the important tips that will help you to train your writing skill and polish it for a better result.


When it comes to essay writing, you will have to be extra careful. In this, you cannot write something casually that you may generally write. Here are some of the tips that can help you to ace this skill and be the best in your college:


The basic rule and one of the important things that you have to keep in mind are to avoid any kind of repetition. Your essay must be full of information and facts. And each sentence must convey a new message or information to the reader. Don’t repeat one thing or point again and again. When you do so, they are called fillers. There is no space for fillers in a good essay. Eliminate the repetitive phrase and words from your essay. If you think that you are repeating a word or phrase too much in your essay, then use some alternative word or phrase for that. Use a thesaurus to find the perfect alternative word.


One of the common mistakes that students do nowadays is that they research only on the internet. Due to the easy availability of the information and data on the internet, anyone can access those. Like you, many students are accessing those same data and information. What will make your essay stand out? That’s why it is important to not limit your research to just one platform. Take the help of books, journals, and other sources to get information about the topic. Old-school books and journals can have some really amazing information that can help your essay to stand out!


Another important thing that you need to make sure when you are writing an essay is that you are using an active voice. This is one of the best ways to improve your writing skill. So, train yourself to write the whole piece in an active voice. It is very easy to write in an active voice as the sentences get shorter and more compact. For example: “People are using smartphones, these days” is an active voice. “Smartphones are being used by people, these days” is in the passive voice. You must move the subject or the main person in front. That is important to improve your essay writing.


There are thousands, if not more, articles and essays available online. Read them! This is one of the best and simplest ways to train yourself to improve your writing skills. This will not happen just by reading one or two essays or articles. You’ve to make it your habit. Read it on regular basis and notice their writing styles and how they express their views. Each and every sentence matters. Once you read some of those, you will get a fair idea about how you should write.


Students tend to start the essay right after the research is done or while the research is going on. Here, you will continue to write as it flows. But this is not the right way to write an essay or rather the best essays. To ensure that you stand out and achieve the best grade in college, you have to prepare an outline. You have to do this before you start to write. This will give an idea about what you have to write and how much you have to write about a particular topic. The outline must have all the headings and subheadings that you will focus on. Also, decide on how many words you want a lot for each heading or subheading separately. Otherwise, many students write a lot in the beginning and when they are left with few words, they tend to end the essay abruptly. So, proper planning and outline are very important.


As much as the introduction is important for an essay, the conclusion is too quite important. Your introduction should contain the main purpose of your essay and a few sentences for you that you are supporting and proving in the essay. Justifications must be given in the body. In the conclusion, you need to ensure that the reader has got the main purpose or the idea of your essay. End the writing with just three points that prove your ideas right. Developing a good opening paragraph as well as a closing paragraph can really help in grabbing the attention.


This is a complete NO, NO! You may not realize consciously when you are writing or reading the essay but there can be tens or hundreds of errors. Whether it is punctuation, spelling, or syntax, you will find those errors. But when you submit the essay, ensure that it is flawless. Give it a good read and not only once. But make sure that you read it twice or thrice just to make sure there is no error. There are also some of the best tools available online that can help you to check your grammars, spelling, and punctuation errors. Use one of those tools.


No one is perfect in writing! Everyone is improving as it is always said that there is always a scope for improvement. Even if you are a brilliant writer and get great scores, these tips can help you to level your skills up more. Try these and train your essay writing skills to get better and better with time. This will help in achieving the best in your college.


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