Rabbi Asher Weiss: Halacha Obligates Vaccination

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Rabbi Asher Weiss, one of the leading halachik authorities, participated in the biennial convention of the Conference of European Rabbis in Antwerp, Belgium this week.

In his remarks, Rabbi Weiss spoke clearly and decisively on the phenomenon of people choosing not to receive vaccinations or to vaccinate their children.

“It’s a halakhic obligation to vaccinate our children,” Rabbi Weiss said.

“This is not a recommendation. It’s a halakhic obligation. It is a chiyuv (obligation) to vaccinate our children, and those who do not vaccinate their children, that is a violation of a halakhik obligation,” the rabbi said, warning of the danger of spreading diseases such as the measles.

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  1. If it’s a halachic obligation, which mitzvah in the Torah obligates it? Those who go by Rav Weiss can follow his advice. However, there are other Gedolei Yisroel who say that one is NOT OBLIGATED to vaccinate. So everyone can follow his own Rav.

    What does Rav Weiss say about the Gemara בבא מציעא ס”ב ע”א clearly states which is what Jews who’ve done research are doing:
    חייך קודמים לחיי חברך (Chayecha Kodmim) – your life takes precedence over his life. You’re not obligated to go like sheep to the slaughter and risk YOUR child’s life with vaccination that have proven to have side effects and not effective for more than 3 years.

    • Please provide concrete evidence of such psak. Not “I heard” or “my friend told me”.

  2. Thank you Rabbi Weiss!!

    Now lets get a camera in front of the American Roshei Yeshivas and Rabbonim. Lets get them on the record concerning this serious matter.

  3. What is Rabbi Weiss’ opinion on Dr. Larry Palevsky and Andrew Wakefield’s remarks at the assifa in Monsey this week?
    Dr. Larry Palevsky, who runs the Newport Wellness Center in Long Island, which specializes in “holistic pediatric services,” shared his belief that people were actually catching measles from the vaccine, not the other way around, and suggested that doctors are misdiagnosing many illnesses as the measles.
    Dr. Palevsky also suggested Jews were being intentionally given bad batches of vaccines which are giving Jewish children a new strain of the measles.

    British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield, who poisoned the medical well years ago by linking measles vaccines with autism, made a long-distance appearance via Skype, to tell the already terrified Jewish parents that measles vaccines produce deadly, drug-resistant diseases.

    • His opinion is simple
      People can “suggest” anything they want. yo uquote Palevsky as “shared his belief…” “suggested that doctors ….” “also suggested ….”

      I suggest that Wakefield is Amalek and is hoping measles infects all jews until society is forced to lock us up and kill us.
      Without evidence “suggestions” are silly.

      Wakefiled had a study that has since been disproven.

  4. If you follow the link by ft987, and listen to the ENTIRE shiur, Rav Weiss deals with the entire issue, taking into account other poskim, in a full halachic evaluation. This is the way halacha is determined by gedolei poskim. Rav Weiss’ unequivocal p’sak in December 2018, is that most people are absolutely mechuyav to vaccinate their children. Any time a Posek makes a serious p’sak that you don’t want to hear, you can say that other Rabbonim hold differently. He is not just a small ba’al halacha. There are not dozens of Rabbonim who are considered internationally to be on this level. You need to have a Rav who tells you when you can ignore a Posek of this caliber.

  5. What about the issue of those who are damaged by vaccines their is no Halachic requirement that I know of to take a something as a suffeq preventative (ie you have no current life threatening situation) add to this that a percentage of people are damaged by the numerous ingredients which even the manufacturers admit that a possible side effects. Now as we know that vaccine side effects do occur some of which cause both mental and physical disabilities and even death in a percentage of cases. Their is no Halachic requirement to put oneself or our children at risk to prevent something that is not life threatening such as Measles, Mumps or Rubella. Whereas the latest studies are showing those with natural immunity from having the traditional childhood disease’s have less incidents of cancer and other modern diseases and medical problems.


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