Watch: Dog Viciously Attacks Woman During Fight On NYC Subway


Police are investigating a vicious dog attack that was caught on camera in the subway.

Video shows commuters circling around the pit bull with its teeth tightly clenched around a woman’s shoe. Her leg twists as the dog tugs on her foot. A pit bull latched onto a passenger’s foot and wouldn’t let go.

“She pushes it like, ‘What is this dog doing on the chair?’ And he’s like, ‘do not push my dog.’” witness Denise Leon added. The woman and dog owner then started fighting, with the pit bull still between them.

The NYPD and MTA are investigating.

Read more at CBS News.



  1. This totally absurd. The dog owner should be arrested and banned from entering any MTA public places. How can he bring an attack dog onto a public subway train which is very confined?! And on top of that, to give his attack dog a seat???


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