White House Protesters Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ At President Trump

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Protesters chanted “Lock him up” as President Trump returned to the White House on Sunday night, one week into their anti-Trump rally following the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Crowds have been gathering outside of the White House for seven days and greeted the president and first lady Melania Trump as they arrived from a weekend at Trump’s Bedminster, N.J., golf course.

The ongoing protests are being organized by Adam Parkhomenko, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton.


Read more at The Hill.



  1. That’s what happens to people who dont hold a job. Most normal hard working Americans work and dont have time for this rubbish. I’m sure they are all collecting welfare checks from the government they hate

  2. Why did they not chant ‘lock her up’ when the Devil Hillary returned from meeting with Putin? Because these Hillary people are lowlifes street bums who thought they can continue Obama’s legacy of destroying the country. Thank you Hashem for Making America Great Again.


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