Huckabee Defends Trump Against Media’s Fabrication of KKK Approval

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Without officially endorsing Donald Trump, former candidate Mike Huckabee defended the leading Republican candidate from criticism about his wavering on disavowing positive words from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

“It’s a well-worn tactic to tar a candidate. Just because someone unsavory endorses you, that doesn’t mean you endorse them,” Huckabee wrote today on Facebook. “Even Ronald Reagan had to repudiate a Klan endorsement, and he did so forcefully and eloquently. The attacks on Trump over this mostly came from fellow Republicans. Before Democrats try to tie the KKK to Republicans, they might want to remember all the things they named after Robert Byrd.” Read more at Facebook.



  1. Matzav, how naive are you? What a title. This is not a media fabrication and it has little to do with the KKK approval. The problem with what happened with Trump is that not denouncing the KKK right away shows again that the man doesn’t care much for the fact that these guys represent so much evil. That’s all. What fabrication is there????
    The truth is that the probable reason for what he did is based on the idea of success against all else. There is no inherent moral values or ideology so there is no quick condemnation. The KKK’s ideology may not be his own, but it doesn’t bother him that it’s out there. He wouldn’t distance himself from them because he doesn’t have the normal healthy revulsion to their actions and beliefs. A website like Matzav which represents itself as the face of the Frum world should be especially sensitive to such a thing. Instead you are whitewashing a real danger.

  2. Looking at Huckabee and thinking he is any good for American values is thinking you can go back in history and give George Washington a pin for being an easy fish.

    This guy is so loose in his voice and American Values that the whole plan of human living is just his jexus better by his gospel stale.

    Still, funny he seems to be anywhere near relevant in a human society.

    Can you say evangelical hate paranoia?

    With these nice evangelicals discussing politics and religion, its no wonder that John Quincy Adams was so popular. The jexus idea is more than the stale chicken at the Holiday Inn for an easy breakfast.

    Sadly, I can only remit fear for this culture that is continuing to run far from the Reaganesque childhood I once had. The world is not a common place for doom.


  3. Byrd repudiated the KKK.

    Trump can’t seem to make up his mind.

    It would also be nice for Trump to repudiate support from Jean Marie Le Pen and from Louis Farrakhan.


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