Huckabee: Don’t Trust Polls Saying Trump Is Tanking

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Former governor of Arkansas and two-time presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says that voters should not take seriously polls that show that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is suffering.

“Polls taken before Labor Day and the presidential debates are notoriously subject to change, but that hasn’t stopped the pundits from proclaiming that Trump’s campaign is tanking,” Huckabee wrote on his Facebook page.

“They should know that the next few months, not current polls, will tell the tale. One thing to keep in mind is that Trump still packs ’em in at his personal appearances, and Hillary [Clinton], well, doesn’t.”



  1. Isn’t it time that Matzav readers were privy to some real news. Why no mention of the 50 REPUBLICAN security officials not backing Trump or of Susan Collins, the REPUBLICAN Senator who will not be giving him her vote?
    The Matzav is currently presenting us with a distortion of the real matzav. Perhaps it should change its name.

  2. Hey jack do you mean like all the mainstream media that “trump”its every possible trump gaffe-fault while not saying a single critique of the most power hungry lady ever to live

  3. yes, anonymous, that’s who jack means. you know, the absolurely biased mainstream media who’s only agenda is to bash and criticize Trump. They ought to be ashamed of themselves–not for bashing Trump, but rather for never ever criticizing Hillary. “balanced reporting” is a foreign term to them.

  4. Tell me how many news outlets criticize Clinton versus trump I’ll bet your not honest enough to answer that question here’s the bottom line neither side side is anywhere near perfect but one side plays dirties than the other one side is more willing to acknowledge a wrong than the other and one side at least has as its official platform a leaning toward values and morality unlike our current vp who had to exert himself to participate and facilitate the Union of immorality of his whitehouse aides

  5. You are not allowed to criticize Hillary because you will be accused of waging a war on women. She can commit the most heinous crimes but one is not allowed to mention it or bring it up. She is a woman and IT’S HER TURN.

  6. The media is so disgusting it’s sick. I can’t even believe that no one even covered the fact that Hillary is sick … She’s got her agent and I believe her madical agent rushing on stage once she froze and he’s telling her she’s ok and keep talking …. It’s sick . They are using a sick woman… She can’t be he president of the USA dealing with such stress ! Trump is being eating up alive with e/single move he takes …. It’s time to uncover the Ugly faces in Washington ….. They are all afraid losing their jobs once he become the president .


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