Huckabee: More Afraid of Clinton Than Zika

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It might not be such a joke.

Mike Huckabee made a joke about the Zika virus in Florida, which has been affected by the virus in recent weeks, while opening for Donald Trump at a rally there.

“I’m a lot more afraid of a Clinton presidency than I am of getting a mosquito bite in South Florida,” Huckabee joked.

Officials have been concerned about the spread of the virus where over a dozen cases have been reported in Florida recently.  Read more AT AP.



  1. This is asinine.

    The only think Huckabee fears is free markets, favor from G-d and a human strength in office.

    If he is not afraid of Zika and has no idea how many families will have long experience and sadness from microcephaly and other experiences with this terrible virus, he is a very bad hard mind that has no tolerance for human concern or any consideration of any true biblical reality.

    In truth, Mike Huckabee is the man who associates his cross with the gold that any person has a right to own and he will destroy the marketplace and the winning social values of even judaism.

    Take this criminal out of politics. He is a terror threat to human value and if he even knew what an ICU was in the hospital, I would be surprised he would know if even the flowers that are often not welcome are even in the day for his own judgment.

    Criminal without any human tact.

    Anything is said these days to smear and blame this fine woman who is running for president. Will the evil and hate on this block of hate ever come down to earth? This is prison hate logic for the terror of a growing human society.

    Terrorizes any neshama that knows Hashem’s word.


      • G-d is real. Did you think he needed you to explode today? Manners are more than crying when your yeshive wont let you out of class to go make your hunt for bad manners. This is a jewish web site.

        Good luck.

  2. Mike Huckabee exemplifies the lack of empathy Republicans have to issues of concern to women. It’s easy for Mike to dismiss women’s concerns, but millions are scared for their future children and so they should be. Rather than telling jokes at the expense of women, perhaps Republicans could start proposing solutions to problems women face.

  3. ALL Republicans have officially started to wage a war on women. And this is in addition to kicking grandma out of her nursing home and stealing the food out of minority children’s mouths. How awful can they possibly be?

  4. Same here, but that’s like saying I am more afraid of getting a paper cut than zika- there’s an endless list of possible reasons as to why. The likelihood of getting bit is low, I am a 90 year old male, I am a hemophiliac, I will be dousing myself in Off every day… just to name a few. Just a real simpleton.


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