Huckabee Warns Trump: Don’t Hire Mitt Romney

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Mike Huckabee, a close ally of Donald Trump, warned the president-elect on Wednesday that hiring Mitt Romney to be secretary of state would be an insult to Trump backers. Appearing on Fox & Friends, the former Arkansas governor lamented that Romney is even being considered for a major post after bitterly fighting with Trump during the campaign.

“He attacked [Trump] on a personal level about his character, his integrity, his honor,” Huckabee said. “There’s only one way that Mitt Romney can be considered for a post like that, and that is if he goes to a mic in a very public place and repudiates everything he said.” Furthermore, the twice-failed Republican candidate added, a Romney appointment “would be a real insult to all those Donald Trump voters who worked really hard.” Read more at THE HILL.


  1. Maskim %100. Romneys been a total failure and real jerk to trump totally without cause. Not a good sign if he’s hired. That in my opinion would make trump look stupid

  2. It seems that Trump and Romney may have a lot in common after all: they’re both very successful businessmen who went into politics. I’m not sure whether Trump is doing this because he values loyalty (although he and Romney have fought, he may now feel a different vibe from him), wants to create peace among the various political factions among the conservatives, or because he believes Romney is an actual good choice, but Romney is both not qualified for the job, and does not have the proper values and intentions that we need in this administration. The former US ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, a conservative hawk, would be a much better choice.

  3. The State Department swamp has to be drained of all the anti-israel supporters and pay-to-play coluders, Romney is too politically ambitious to do it, Bolton or Giuliani are much better choices.

  4. agreed, it would be an absolute Shandah if Romney is hired, besides after what he said about Trump, his heart cant be in the right place to work under him


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