Huge Breakthroughs In The War On Baldness


bald_bigIt’s a problem about 80-percent of men and 50-percent of women will experience in their lifetime. Severe hair loss can be devastating — especially for women. But recently there have been some major breakthroughs in the field of hair replacement to restore natural looking locks.

Thinning hair, receding hairlines and bald spots…

“This pony tail used to be about twice the size,” Katya Kupava said.

“I started to develop a bald spot about the size of a quarter right back here,” Joe Paris Jr. said.

“Open the towel and all hair, all hair, all about, I was so scared,” Miskelina Aluotto added.

There are many reasons men and women lose their hair. The number one cause is genetics, but it could also stem from an illness or hormonal changes in the body. And there are no cures.

“It’s hard to accept that because hair is of the things that everybody sees. It’s the first thing they notice when you walk into a room,” Dr. Richard Mizuguchi said.

“I was devastated,” Aluotto said.

“And there is the possibility that it will get worse,” Kupava added.

But there is some good news. Incredible advancements in the field of hair replacement are offering new hope.

“It was shedding profusely. I mean it was just kind of coming out,” Kupava said.

The 26-year-old’s hair is thinning. Doctors said her hair follicles, or the roots of her hair, are swollen and the inflammation is preventing the hair from growing.

Now, doctors hope an experimental new laser therapy can stop that swelling, which they believe is at the root of all hair loss.

“If you decrease inflammation that hair will grow rather than falling out,” Manhattan dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadik said.

Sadik said the laser drastically reduces hair loss and even stimulates new growth.

“This is a major breakthrough in hair loss therapy,” Dr. Sadik said.

Remember “Dolly” the cloned sheep? Believe it or not, her birth led to a new baldness treatment.

“Cloning is the most exciting thing coming around about in the hair transplant industry,” Dr. Mizuguchi said.

For years doctors have been transplanting hair. They harvest hair follicles from an area on the head where the hair is more plentiful — usually at the back – and then transplant it to the thinning spots. But if you’re balding, there’s little hair left to work with. But now, thanks to Dolly, pharmaceutical companies are actually cloning hair.

“We would take probably three or four hairy follicular units, send that to the company and the company will make the clones for us and then we would transplant those clones back into the patient,” Dr. Mizuguchi said.

Mizuguchi, the director of Manhattan’s Hair Restoration Surgery Center, said they can make thousands of new hairs individually ready for transplantation.

“We do expect it to be on the market possibly within the next year or two,” Dr. Mizuguchi said.

Then there’s mesotherapy. It’s a series of injections of tiny doses of medication and vitamins proven to stimulate hair growth.

“It works especially with women,” Dr. Alexander Kulick said.

Aluotto was devastated when she started losing hair on the side and top of her head. Now after just a handful of mesotherapy treatments she has a full head of hair again.

“I love it. I love it. You feel alive. You feel younger,” Aluotto said.

“When I look into the mirror, I really feel like this is my hair,” Joe Paris Jr. said.

It may feel like his hair and even look like it, but it’s a hair piece and it’s the latest advancement in wig and toupee technology.

“The secret to the most natural looking hair piece is less hair, not more hair,” Joe Paris Sr.

Paris, known as the “Toupee King,” has spent 40 years perfecting the design of toupees and wigs. His latest has a virtually undetectable hairline. Paris said it’s constructed to look like it’s growing right out of the scalp.

“It’s like a frame around a picture. You got to create proper balance,” Paris said.

The cost of one of these new hair pieces starts at about $1,500. Transplanting cloned hair is expected to cost upwards of $10,000.

{Dr. H. Phillips/Noam Newscenter}


  1. i know you are all laughing at this news, but i am a 30 something frum girl with very very little hair on my crown.i actually wear a colored hairspray that needs to be put on after every shower to hide my scalp. im hoping i can hold out for a shaitel for when i IY”H get married. it is quite an ordeal that know one should know of…

  2. Does anyone know what to do about a missing (not just thinning) beard & payos? The busha for a chassid is unbearable. If you have any info, please help.

    (editor, please keep this on p. 1 so people will respond. thanks.)


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