Human Rights Organization Calls on Obama to Condemn Iran’s Threats to ‘Annihilate Israel’

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obamaA global human rights organization on Wednesday urged President Barack Obama and other world leaders involved in negotiating the Iran nuclear deal to denounce Tehran’s ongoing threats to destroy Israel.

“The world should take the unending public genocidal threats from Iranian leaders against Israel at face value,” said Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. “The Iranian regime’s double speak must be immediately denounced by President Obama and the other leaders of the P5+1. Failure to do so will only increase Iranian threats and actions against Israel.”

The call from the Wiesenthal Center, whose mission is confronting antisemitism, hate and terrorism worldwide, came on the heels of comments made by Iranian parliamentary adviser on foreign affairs and former ambassador to Syria Hussein Sheikholeslam, who said Iran would continue to “reject the existence of any Israeli on this earth.”

“Israel should be annihilated and this our ultimate slogan,” said Sheikholeslam, apparently in response to assertions by British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond — upon the reopening of the U.K. embassy in Tehran — that the Iranian regime was adopting a more “nuanced approach” to Israel’s existence.

“On the existential issues of life and death, there is no room for ‘nuance.’ The world should take the unending public genocidal threats from Iranian leaders against Israel at face value,” said the Wiesenthal Center.

Iran’s proxies operating in and around Israel — most notably Hezbollah and Hamas — have tens of thousands of rockets aimed at all major Israeli cities.

The Obama administration is in the midst of a ferocious political battle to push its landmark Iran deal through Congress and have it implemented by next year.

Opponents of the deal claim the White House is naive to believe that it will temper the Iranian regime, which was founded on the extreme Islamist doctrine of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Sheikholeslam is an Iranian hardliner, who advises Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani, a former Revolutionary Guard Corps member whose job it is to uphold that Islamic Revolution domestically and abroad.

Sheikholeslam’s call to annihilate Israel is not unique: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei just published a book, Palestine, about the conquering of Israel and “liberating” Jerusalem. In addition, this week he said the Muslim world must unite to combat the U.S. and Israel.

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  1. That’s akin to having the Iranians supervise their own adherence or violations of the ObamaDeal. How could he go after the Iranians – he needs the country’s support for his Doomshteen deal!

  2. #4, “Anonymous August 27, 2015 at 12:05 pm” Although sarcasm is called “The lowest form of humor”, I am a guilty practitioner of it quite frequently, including here. The prior post was referring to President Obama repeatedly calling Prime Minister Netanyahu’s pleas to reject or toughen the Iran nuclear deal “Interference”, despite the fact that this is an existential issue for Israel and our millions of brethren who live there. Oh, and stop using my screenname (that’s also an attempt at “funny”).


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