Humans Could ‘Erase’ Unhappy Memories With Groundbreaking New Neurotechnology

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A radical new technique to target and erase painful memories has raised “huge ethical problems,” says a leading neurologist, because it threatens to artificially change a person’s personality.

The memory-editing technique, which is called decoded neurofeedback, or DecNef, was created for the treatment of PTSD.

It uses an electromagnet similar to an MRI scanner, to measure various changes in the brain, such as the level of oxygen in the blood.

The data gathered by the scanner is sent in real time to an artificially intelligent imagine learning agent that maps which areas of the brain are active when particular memories are stimulated.

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  1. If s person chas vshalom has an unimaginably painful experience that inhibits their ability to function they should have the option to erase it.
    On the other hand we and our personalities are products of our cumulative experiences.

  2. I tried this memory-editing technique on myself, and let me tell you something, “It works!”
    I’ve only had a few sessions, and I already forgot my true identity. Friends of mine now pass me in the street and say to me, “Hello Sam, how are you doing?” And I say, my name isn’t Sam, it’s Donald; I’m President.” And they say, “Excuse me! Biden is President.” And I say, “Excuse me! Biden was Vice President under Obama. Now I am President. Don’t you read the news?!” And they give me this strange look, as if I lost my memory, or my mind.” Hence, I can tell you naysayers from personal experience, “This stuff really works.” I would go more in detail about this, but I have a meeting in 10 minutes with Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. I got to go now. Let me also make one more thing perfectly clear, for the last time, “I did not collude with the Prussians! I don’t even know how to speak Prussian”!
    Good evening, and have a happy Hanukkah.
    Wow! This memory-editing technique really works; I got to try it out!
    Try what out? I’m not sure.
    Good Yom Tov, and have a great Sukkot!
    Sincerely yours,
    Ronald Trump

    • Dear Silent Lamb, so 3:15am is when you were able to escape your straight jacket, break into Nurse Ratched’s office, log into the Democratic Party committee comintern portal and proceed to plan the socialist-fascist revolution while convulsing in evil laughter, and then you took a medicine break and decided to post some stupid comments on Matzav? Send my regards to your fellow inmates Hitlery Killton, Joe Bidet, Barry Hussein and Mike Obama.

  3. Quantum satellites which should be out any day now will finally shut down mainstream media (fake news) from the planet, wipe the entire old internet out and bring on many new amazing technologies, including medical technologies, internet speed over 7,000 times quicker, as well as free energy, among others. If you save your stuff on Cloud or other internet services, take it out immediately before it gets deleted for good. (Don’t wait for mainstream media to tell you this.)

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