Hundreds Attend Liberow Shloshim in Flatbush

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avrohom-dovid-liberowOver three hundred people filled the Merkaz Hasimcha Hall in Flatbush to pay tribute to Avraham Dovid Liberow z”l, who’s neshama was taken last month in a horrific car accident along with Pesha Leah Azulai, as we reported. Moishie Friedman, a friend, said Tehilim with the crowd, followed by uplifting niggunim played by the Chayolim Ensemble.

Yosef Popper, acousin, shared memories of Avraham Dovid. Rabbi Zalman Liberov, father of  Avraham Dovid, addressed the kinnus via the telephone while pointing out that Avraham Dovid’s return during techiyas hameisim must be very close, since that the Torah’s source of techiyas hameisim is in our Parsha, which says that Moshe and Bnei Yisroel will sing the tenth shir in the complete geulah.

Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson spoke as well and Red Zalman’s son by thanking all participants. The program was chaired by Rabbi Aharon Ginzburg. reported last month on the tragic passing of Pesha Leah Azoula a”h and 9-year-old Avrohom Dovid Liberow in Pennsylvania. Rav Zalman Liberow suvived.

Rav Liberow, is director of Chabad of Flatbush, located on Ocean Avenue. The Liberows were on their way back home from an out-of-town simcha in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when a multi-vehicle accident occurred on Interstate 80 in Venango County in Pennsylvania. The crash took the lives of Avraham Dovid, as well as Pesha Leah Azoulay, of Crown Heights, who was traveling back to New York with the Liberow family from her friend’s wedding in Grand Rapids.

Yehi zichrom boruch.

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  1. “uplifting niggunim played by the Chayolim Ensemble.”

    Music by a shloshim?

    It’s tragic. This small Lubavitch center has been hit hard lately. One of its members, boxer Dmitry Salita, was recently clobbered in the ring and lost his high-profile boxing match.

    Maybe HKB”H is showing them that Moshiach has not yet arrived. They should do a cheshbon hanefesh and stop their open messianism, and hopefully things will improve biezras Hashem.

  2. To commentator #1 I am thrilled to know that am yisroel is blessed with you as a member. Obviously you seem to know the reason why things happen. Maybe instead of judging you should do a cheshbon nanefesh and ask yourself for starters what you did to help someone today. By promoting ahavas yisroel you can actually prevent more tragedies.
    May be blessed with he coming of moshiach speedily in our days. Amen.

  3. What a tragedya! What a beautiful zeesa yingelleh! And all Mr. Cheshbon etc. can do is seize the moment for yet more sinas chinam and digs about the meshichistin. How sad. How very very sad!

  4. Part of Ahavas Yisroel is pointing out to people when they are engaging in wrong and dangerous behavior. If you go to the Lubavitch house run by the Liberows you will see that it is openly messianic, with the Yechi….slogan openly there. By the way, it is pretty small actually.

    It is time to do teshuvoh, as the Rambam says, when tragedies chas vesholem come we need to look at how things are being done. May we be zoche to tshuvoh shleimah bikorov.

  5. “Avraham Dovid’s return during techiyas hameisim must be very close, since that the Torah’s source of techiyas hameisim is in our Parsha, which says that Moshe and Bnei Yisroel will sing the tenth shir in the complete geulah.”

    I don’t get it. Not muchrach. Not a good idea to make such predictions.. He is repeating the same mistake of those who said the late Rebbe was moshiach. Dangerous territory.

  6. It’s time for some cheshbon hanefesh, Mr. Cheshbon Hanefesh. Your unbelievably insensitive comments at a time like this are disgusting, even if you believe them to be true. Hakadosh Baruch Hu should overlook your horrific behavior at this time of tragedy and spare you from the tragedies that would come if He judged you for your cruelty.

  7. To commenter so called ‘Rachamim’-

    It is achzorius to ignore when people are making serious and dangerous mistakes in avodas Hashem and not point it out. See what the Rambam says about it. I know Lubavitchers have a project of Rambam Yeimi.

    Your approach of ‘rachamim’ is actually achzorius, while my approach of introspection and teshuvoh is actually rachamim, by helping put things in order, biezras Hashem.

    A chochom loves the one who is mochiach him, and a letz hates him. I hope you will put yourself in the category of chochom, rather than that of letz.

  8. to cheshbon hanefesh time
    i was delighted to read a comment from someone who actually knows why hashem brings tragedies to specific people. would you mind telling me why my six year old sister has cancer

  9. #9-Thanks for the leitzonus.

    Let’s now abolish all mussar and just pretend that there is nothing that needs to be improved in Klal Yisroel. Is that what you want? Gevaldig! Poof, all problems disappear. Just make sure to lift your head out of the sand once in a while, so you can wash your face, so it doesn’t get all dirty and disheveled. Wow, you are great and so deep! It is deep to put your head in the sand, ain’t it? You have a tiffeh kop!

  10. I’ll tell you what you can judge. You can judge the nasty hatred. Where do you get the heter to be so judgemental.Thats what HaShem judges. He who judges his fellow man. I am sick from all the hateful comments. Shame on you.
    and by the way, to #1, I am more enlightened than you about one thing, unless you’re just saying it to be discrediting: niggunim are not simcha music. Chabad uses niggunim for neshama expression and is not simcha music. I am sure that they didnt use musical instruments either. I have seen this vile hatred before. A person bitterly desires to find something wrong when they really want to.
    Job well done
    only is it emes, have you learned in yeshiva long enough to think on your own, so that you can know?
    from a Baal teshuva’s point of view, it is a major turn off to hear of such bitter hatred. I thought that this went out with the old days. I guess Am Yisroel is still challenged with how to do emesdik Ahavas Yisroel.

  11. It is beyond me how one can feel they have the right to judge after such a tragedy like this. Such an innocent neshoma was taken. We should all be united in sadness over this loss this is a tragedy for all of Klal Yisroel may we hear only good news in the future with the coming of Moshiach.

  12. This was a horrible tragedy for all of Klal Yisroel. No one should judge. We should be united in mourning this loss to our people. May we be zoche to hear better news in the future.


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