Hundreds Of People Exposed To The Measles At A Shul In Bnei Brak This Past Shabbos

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Hundreds of people who attended a shul in Bnei Brak this past Shabbos, including children, were exposed to the measles by an infected mispallel who came to davening that week.

The Ministry of Health is calling Monday for worshipers who were at a certain time in the  Shul in Bnei Brak located on Kalish Street to be urgently examined for measles.

“Mispallelim who have not been vaccinated against measles in the past should urgently  receive a vaccine for the disease. Mispallelim who develop a fever or rash within the next three weeks are asked to inform the attending doctor.”



  1. The problem in ONLY with those who have been vaccinated and are not up to date with their every-3-year shots and are not immune for life. Anti-vaxxers whose children have already gotten the measles are immune for life and nothing to worry about.

    • You’re parroting the anti-vaxxer lies. Inoculation protects for life, they do not have to get shots every three years. Anti-vaxxers whose children have NOT gotten measles are a lethal threat to those who can’t innoculate (babies, elderly, other sick people).

      • If they protect for life, why are all these VACCINATED adults (yes, they were all vaccinated as kids) suddenly getting the measles? Can you explain it logically? No you can’t because nobody was able to in the past few months when this question was posed. They all said “It was already answered” but it wasn’t because the vaxxers are liars and don’t have an answer.

        Elderly and other sick people who have gotten the measles as children are IMMUNE FOR LIFE. So they have nothing to worry about because they will NOT get it again. On the other hand, it can be dangerous if exposed to those who were vaccinated. Which is why these vaccination shots which do NOT protect for life are very dangerous.

        A mother who got the measles as a child and is, of course, protected for life passes on her immunity to her baby. Which is why before the 1970s approx you never heard of infants getting measles.

        You need to learn the truth instead of parroting the CDC’s lies.

          • The NHS (equivalent to the CDC in the USA)
            How long does protection from MMR last?
            It seems to be very long-lasting. Virtually everyone (more than 99%) will be protected against measles and rubella for more than 20 years after 2 doses of MMR.
            however the CDC writes
            How Well Does the MMR Vaccine Work?
            MMR vaccine is very effective at protecting people against measles, mumps, and rubella, and preventing the complications caused by these diseases. People who received two doses of MMR vaccine as children according to the U.S. vaccination schedule are considered protected for life.
            Someones got it wrong 20 years or for life but maybe the CDC have A life expectancy for the average person for 20 years

          • “You must be joking.”
            No, he’s lying. The same repeatedly debunked lies that are repeated on every single measles article. And that even includes lies claiming “Nobody can answer why” when multiple people have repeatedly done just that.

            And we must keep fighting them – not because they’ll ever admit they’re wrong, but so they don’t c”v convince the ignorant or gullible to endanger their own children and others by not inoculating them against deadly sicknesses.

          • If your “sources” are only the CDC, Matzav and other Jewish sites, you’re a lost case because you’ll never find out the truth.

          • 2:20 “Nobody can answer why” when multiple people have repeatedly done just that.” If you’re so sure of yourself PLEASE POINT IT OUT EXACTLY. Until you can prove otherwise, the anti-vaxxers are 100% right.

          • “Vaccination has become a religion, and to dare to question official dogma is to commit the sin of heresy.” Parents need to take a stand against such a “cult”!!

        • “A mother who got the measles as a child and is, of course, protected for life passes on her immunity to her baby. Which is why before the 1970s approx you never heard of infants getting measles.”
          if what you say was true. why didnt the baby boomers immunity pass on to their gen x and millianial children! you need to rethink what your saying because it comes off simply extremely stupid. if immunity was passed on for these diseases by the mother than the boomers also would have inherited an immunity from their parents. and their would have been no need for a vaccine either. which is false. go ask the elderly for the truth!

          • Anon 4:05 you misunderstood. The mother passes her immunity to her baby. But once the baby gets older, she/he contracts the measles herself / himself, the normal childhood disease like chickenpox, and then is immune for life.

      • No the cult is the antivaxxers. You all seem so closed minded and unwilling to except proofs when people express it to you.

        • There is 100% valid proof AGAINST VACCINATION but you vaxxer are so naive and close-minded and would not even have the courage to find it because the CDC liars, Big Pharma’s salesman, are not providing it for you. You vaxxers still cannot even answer the most logical basic question why it is that adults who were vaccinated as young children are getting the measles?

  2. How about: “Hundreds of people exposed to TB in a post office branch last week when a group of illegal immigrants came in to take care of some business.”
    Or maybe thousands?
    Or maybe you will simply never know.
    Because for some unknown reason, all the fuss is about measles whereas TB, which is far more deadly, is not being given any attention whatsoever. (And that’s just one disease, for an example.)
    So, if you want to believe you can protect yourself 100% and if not for “the evil antivaxxers” we would all be safe, well, enjoy your pipe dream.

  3. This report is clear proof that more and more people are waking up to the truth about vaccination and are joining the anti-vaxxers, even though Jewish media are covering it up.

    • Yes Baruch Hashem!! People are waking up and seeing the truth. I know many people who have turned anti because of this whole parsha.
      The truth is right in front of your eyes, if only you would open them
      There are nebach so many kids that are having seizures, losing skills and literally turning autistic from this mass vaccination campaign.
      I personally know a 6 year old child that got mmr now and is having seizures and acting autistic
      Unfortunately i am hearing so many similar stories. It is so sad that the media is covering this up! So sad and not ehrlich
      By the way just a side note, so many people are wondering and saying, do you know what would happen if we all stopped vaccinating? All the diseases would come back and we would basically all die
      Well how about taking a look at the amish community who don’t vaccinate? Are they dying daily from diseases there? I dont think so!
      You can all go and take a look at them up close and see how their kids are all so sick with all these infectious diseases (they are not! They are actually quite healthy)

      • Oy. You antivaxxers are impossible. Grow up already and stop living in your illogical fantasy world with your few like minded conspiracy theorists who don’t seem to care about truth, about health, and about personal and communal responsibility. Wake up. Your theories have been debunked years ago. Get over your stupidities. Are you all children?

        • Do you consider the CDC the truth? HA-Ha-Ha! When will “you” wake up? Just because Matzav doesn’t post the truth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go find it. Get your head out of the sand and do some research. Stop being blinded and spoonfed by those who do not have your best interest in mind. Bekitzur, stop being a fool. (Look up the word ‘fool’ in the dictionary if you don’t know what it means.)

      • How is it that your post was allowed to go through when it’s the antithesis of what this site is trying to brainwash the sheeple?

  4. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in that Shul at the time. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t even in Israel at the time. Wshuuw! Yup, still here in my underground bunker in an undisclosed location.

  5. The anti Vaxxers are dangerous and stupid.They refuse to listen and think we are all part of a giant conspiracy.Let them move away and start their own communities and schools and live amongst themselves.That way they will only be a danger to themselves.

    • They are potentially dangerous and have been fooled by genuinely evil people (like some trolls on this very thread). The duped parents love and care deeply about their children – they are not evil. They and their children don’t deserve to suffer sickness or c’v worse as a penalty for being gullible.


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