Hundreds of Rabbis to Gather on Capitol Hill Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

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capitolThe Orthodox Union Advocacy Center is bringing a delegation of hundreds of Orthodox rabbis and synagogue leaders from across the country to Washington tomorrow, September 9 – the eve of Congress’ vote to disapprove of President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal – and will host a press conference calling on Congress to reject the bad deal that paves a pathway to a nuclear-armed Iran.


The press conference, just days before Rosh Hashanah, is reminiscent of the historic Rabbis’ March in 1943 – just days before Yom Kippur – in support of American and allied action to stop the destruction of European Jewry.

Following a recent meeting with President Obama, Nathan Diament, Executive Director of OU Advocacy, the public policy arm of the Orthodox Union, expressed concern to FOX New Channel’s Neil Cavuto that the deal still strengthens the Iranian regime. Mr. Diament is available to discuss the Orthodox Jewish community’s apprehension in greater detail.

WHO:      Delegation of Orthodox Rabbis from across the country

WHAT:   Press Conference urging Congress to disapprove of the Iran Nuclear Deal

WHEN:   Wednesday, September 9, 2015 | 12:151 p.m. ET

WHERE:       Upper Senate Park

200 New Jersey Ave, NW (near the intersection of Constitution and Delaware Avenues)

Washington, DC 20001

Click here to read the complete joint statement of the OU and the RCA responding to the deal.

To arrange an interview with Nathan Diament, Executive Director of OU Advocacy, please contact Roslyn Singer, [email protected] or (202) 489-4180.


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  1. Why only Rabbis? Why not hundreds of thousands of yidden from the whole country? For Sovietjewry we had hundreds of thousands marching including many chareidi yeshivas. This made a big impression on the Russians. We should do the same to show the Democrats we will not take this sitting down. Will Chareidi Rabbonim also be there?

  2. just like FDR “supported” the Nazi regime by not listening to the Rabbis who wanted to save European Jewry this administration under a Muslim leader will support the Iranian regime to develop nuclear bombs……………

    All supporters of this “bad deal” will be judged on Rosh Hashana by the One Above

  3. ” not listening to the Rabbis who wanted to save European Jewry”

    The Agudath Israel rally in Washington was on October 3, 1943 — 7 Tishrei 5704. FDR created the War Refugee Board on January 22, 1944. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, mostly from Hungary, were saved as a result. The reason that the WRB was needed was that the US Treasury Department had already approved US funds being used to bribe officials in France and Romania to allow Jews to leave, but officials in the State Department (in particularly, Breckinridge Long HaRasha) had sabotaged the effort. The hero was Josiah DuBois, a Treasury Department official, who discovered what was going on and threatened to blow the whistle on the State Department and as a result FDR created the WRB to bypass the State Department anti-Semites.


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