Hundreds Show Up For Levaya For Bayis Shayni Bones


Hundreds of people participated in a levayah Tuesday for hundreds of bones that were discovered in a burial cave near Yericho, dated to the time of the Second Beis Hamikdash. The bones were scattered outside the cave, which had been bulldozed by Arabs who were doing illegal agricultural work.

The cave was found by hikers a few days before Pesach. The hikers were in the area of the Hasmonean Palaces, near Yericho, where they noticed the tractor work being done by Arab laborers in a protected archaeological area. When surveying the damage, the hikers discovered the dug up bones.

(via MDL)



  1. Wish we would have seen half this amount of ppls when the bones from Gush Katif cemetery were reburied in the Yerushalayim area.
    Where were they then?

  2. The Israeli government is very weak right now. They make no attempt to stop any illegal activities done by Arabs. They don’t want to upset their close friends in the NY Times.

  3. 1. I live in Yerushalayim and did not see the levaya publicized. Perhaps I and the other chareidim were not there bc this was not publicized.
    2. I don’t recall ever hearing about the relocating of the niftar from the Gush Katif cemetary. Maybe the commentator “Torah is True” can take care of the PR enabling others to do mitzvos.
    Dan lekaf zechus.

  4. The gush Katif remains were escorted by their family members and loved ones, just as they were at their Levaya. Here in the case of these remains, they are without family members or loved ones—aka mes mitzvah. I don’t hear any comparison; all I hear is someone who is trying, with senseless arguments, to put down others, in this case Haradim. Not everything has to be filtered through hateful lenses and bitter views on life. C’mon, let us all stop with the provocation of hate and indifference.


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