Hurricane Hermine Very Close to Landfall in Florida


Hurricane Hermine is a Category 1 hurricane and only a couple of hours away from landfall along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Bands of heavy rain have already moved inland, and hurricane-force winds are now coming ashore, reports.

Life-threatening storm surge flooding will continue to increase through the night. Tornadoes will also be a threat.

Hurricane warnings continue for a swath of north Florida, extending inland to include the city of Tallahassee. This means hurricane-force winds (at least 74 mph) are expected for a period of time in the warned area. Various tropical storm warnings also continue from parts of Florida to North Carolina.

Hermine will likely become a non-tropical low by this weekend and will hover near or off the Northeast seaboard, potentially resulting in strong winds, coastal flooding and other impacts. A tropical storm watch is now in effect as far north as coastal parts of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland as well as the Virginia Tidewater since the low may still have significant impacts. Read more at



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