Husband Reappears After 28 Years

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Twenty-eight years ago, Mrs. M. opened a divorce file at a Yerushalayim beis din. She complained that her husband was violent, a gambler and alcoholic, and didn’t contribute towards raising their two boys. After two meetings at the beis din she abruptly dropped the case. Last December, she approached a beis din again, this time asking for help to track down her husband, who had disappeared.

The rabbinate’s Agunah Department tracked down the husband, who was living as a tramp in the Machaneh Yehuda area, and induced him to give a get with no strings attached.

“I congratulate the beis din and thank the Director of the Agunos Department of the Botei Din Rav Eliyahu Maimon for his help in locating the husband and bringing him to the beis din,” said Mrs. M’s attorney, Riki Ofek. “The department he heads did an amazing job.”

{ Israel News}



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