Husband Sells Wife’s $23K Ring for $10

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garage-saleHere’s one way to vaporize your net worth: sell your wife’s $23,000 wedding ring in a garage sale for $10.

That’s exactly what a California man did while his wife, Racquel Cloutier, was in the hospital after having her fifth child. She had hidden the ring in a watch box to keep it safe from the couple’s 2-year-old twins, and when her husband cleaned out items for the garage sale, he thought the box was empty. After some hesitation, a woman bought the box.

“I’m trying to remain optimistic but I don’t know anymore,” Cloutier said. “I would never, ever keep the ring if I found it. … Clearly [it] was in the box by accident.” Her husband, not surprisingly, “feels terrible.” Read more at ABC News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I’m a little confused? This guy was running a garage sale while his wife was in the hospital recovering from child birth? I’m not sure the biggest problem here is the missing ring.


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