Hynes Dismisses Potential Insanity Defense for Leiby’s Killer


charles-j-hynes-2Brooklyn’s top prosecutor vowed today that he would pursue swift justice for slain Leiby Kletzky and dismissed suggestions that the boy’s killer was insane.“Sometimes I wonder about what goes through defense lawyers’ minds,” District Attorney Charles Hynes said after paying a shiva call to Kletzky’s parents in Borough Park.

Hynes said he assured the Kletzky family that he would stop at nothing to make sure alleged killer Levi Aron was convicted in the 8-year-old boy’s death.

“I wanted to make a personal commitment that every resource of this office will be used to make sure the issue is resolved in a way that is appropriate,” Hynes said after the 20-minute visit.

“I’ve got 16 grandchildren – four are the age of Leiby. I understand in a very special way the torture of this family,” he said.

Hynes said prosecutors are working with a wealth of evidence and are prepared to move the case forward soon.

Leiby’s abduction and killing sent shock waves through the city.

Aron, 35, is charged with snatching the boy off the street, smothering him and then dismembering his remains.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. I read on the Israeli News (“B’Chadrei Chadarim”) that he was actually born a goy! adolpted, and , obviously , an improper geirus! He, therefore, does NOT possess the middos of a ‘Ben Avrohom’!

  2. dk, first there is no capital punishment in the State of NY (unfortunately). Second, when one breaks the law of the land and is caught, the justice system in place punishes him. So, we, Jews in America, don’t put anyone to death.

  3. To DK: I’m no expert, but See Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat Siman 2, with Smah 3 and Shach 3; however I’m not sure whether this case would be included – Also see Kesef Hakodoshim there – at the end of the 1st peice on the Siman.

  4. To #3 You R Not the USA Government
    You R not pursuing Capital Punishment

    PS There is no capital punishment in NY

  5. dk go learn some gemorah where you will find it says that a medina can mete out punishments to uphold it’s laws


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