HYPOCRITE: Denver Mayor Flies To Mississippi For Thanksgiving After Advising Against Travel

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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (D) flew to Mississippi on Wednesday for Thanksgiving after telling people to avoid travel if possible, The Denver Post reported.

Mike Strott, a spokesman for Hancock’s office, said there was no contradiction between the mayor’s trip and his advice, noting that Hancock will spend the holiday with only his wife and one of his daughters. Hancock ordinarily hosts up to 50 members of his family, according to the newspaper.

“(Hancock) has told people to rethink their Thanksgiving plans. He has also said that if you do travel to follow health and safety guidelines and the mayor will still follow health and safety guidelines upon his return,” Strott told the newspaper.

Strott said the mayor intended to “follow all necessary health and safety guidance and quarantine” upon returning to Denver.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Well, according to the Mayor’s Office’s spokesman, Mike Scott, Mayor Michael Hancock’s trip is not really hypocritical, as he is going to Mississippi to be only with his wife and daughter and will adhere to all the other Holy, Holy Covid laws. Of course though, as he had said that people should try to “avoid” travel, ACCORDING to that what he said, to fully fulfil the dictum: “Practice What You Preach,” he should not have got onto an airplane at all.

  2. (Continuation of my remark)

    While Mayor Hancock’s travel may well not be hypocritical, we keenly well know and have clearly seen that THE ENTIRE CORONAVIRU-COVID CRISES has been packed and saturated with glaring outright hypocrisy. That this Strict-Lockdown-calling-governor-or-other-official or that Strict-Lockdown-calling-governor-or-other-official rode around in his or her limousine or got on an airplane or was at a news conference (right next to other officials) or at a crowded private social party with NO MASK on, was, of course, immensely blatant hypocrisy.


    Much, much bigger than that was the violent eruption of the horrors of the Antifa & BLM led burning and wreaking -of our cites. These severely wicked rioting people were obviously NOT adhering to any of the promoted Holy, Holy, Holy Covid Lockdown-Mask-Distancing laws. Yet very few of them were ever arrested, and there was almost ABSOLUTE ZERO condemnation of them that they were a dangerous threat to the world.

    Furthermore, right in the complex massive maze of the excessive Covid Lockdown laws themselves has been huge intensive hypocrisy of countless sharp contradictions and mean double standards: All houses of worship — including all our Botei Midrashim and Yeshivos — must be tightly chained & closed, but abortion centers and casinos could be well opened and running. We cannot go exercise at the local fitness gym, but all the members of Congress and their friends DO GO to their “special” private gym. The super “big box” super stores of COSTCO and Walmart could be open, but the little individual “old fashioned” “mother & father” grocery stores — that sold the exact same (or even better) food — had to be kept continually closed. If that individual owner dared to open — even with Holy masks and 6 feet — he or she was often brutally thrown in jail!!

  3. (Continuation of my remark)

    This endless sickening hypocrisy in the picture is glaring proof that this huge complex massive maze of the Covid Lockdown so-called “laws” has had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO with stopping a dangerous disease or protecting people’s health. Instead, on the contrary, it has tragically been a cruel, fiendish ploy TO RUIN vast masses of people: their Avodas Hashem, their businesses, their finances, their intra-personal-social realms, even their physical health, and even their mental-emotional stability. This “Locking” and “Running” them down is to “Prepare” them to be fully pliable, compliant, docile, obedient subjects and slaves of the horrific tyranny that numerous severely evil elements — of the United Nations, of the Communist governments, and of the leftist members of U.S. governments — want to, RACHMANA LITZLAN, hoist upon our country and the whole world.


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