I Have Been Through So Much-Help Me Remain On the Derech of Torah!

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Shimi was raised in a home of abuse and neglect. Although he lived in what looked like a frum household, as a child, he was physically beaten and repeatedly threatened to be murdered by his own father. School was not a safe haven for him either, as he had ADD and was unable to concentrate in class, causing the teachers to berate him and the other kids to bully him.


Physically and emotionally battered and disillusioned, and with no one to show him the true beauty of a Torah lifestyle, Shimi turned away from Judaism. He made a plan to escape his home and religion as soon as he could, but was forced to stay in school through high school, as he had no other place to go. Figuring he would be kicked out of school at the first opportunity, he began 11th grade, only to discover that his new rebbe was someone who would come to pay attention to and care for him. Even better, this wonderful rebbe brought his class to Rabbi Newman’s home and program, Veharev Na, in Monsey.

Rabbi Newman was the first person to express care about Shimi and his wellbeing. Warmly welcoming all the students into his home and showing a genuine interest in them, Rabbi Newman quickly won over the boys—including Shimi. It was the first time Shimi had ever learned a word in school. Halfway through the year, he decided to stay in yeshiva, not only for the year, but for the long-term. He graduated and got himself a part-time job to support his dreams to stay in learning and live a proper Torah lifestyle.

However, Shimi has recently lost his job, and with no family to turn to, he needs help to have any sort of bright future. He is in shidduchim, and with no money to support a family or buy a house or car, or even pay for a wedding, he is reaching out to our community for assistance. Please help Shimi be able to stay on the path of Torah, to build his holy household, and to live a life dedicated to Hashem.



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