IAF Thwarts Terror Attack At Egypt Border

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idf-egypt-attackArab news outlets reported today that 13 Egyptian policemen were killed in an armed attack on a police station in north Sinai Peninsula at a security checkpoint in Rafah.

The gunmen reportedly took control of two Egyptian armored vehicles using RPG missiles and explosives. One of the vehicles blew up near the Kerem Shalom border crossing, while the other one managed to infiltrate into Israel. The gunmen fired tank shells toward Israeli forces stationed at the border, but IAF aircraft managed to hit the armored vehicle.

The IDF spokesman has announced that there were no casualties among IDF forces or Israeli civilians.

According to al-Arabiya network, the gunmen, who are affiliated with the global jihadist movement which has become increasingly active in Sinai, drove a four-wheel-drive vehicle when they attacked the troops.

“It seems the attack was sudden and well-coordinated, using heavy arms, ” an al-Arabiya reporter said.

The website of Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram reported that the soldiers were killed after a terrorist cell blew up a car bomb inside an Egyptian base near Rafah.

The attack occurred during the Iftar evening meal, when Muslims break their Ramadan fast.

Reacting to the incident, senior security officials said that the terrorists who tried to infiltrate Israel were planning a major terror attack. “Should they have succeeded, it could have been a very serious terror attack. A major disaster has been prevented.”


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