Iconic Yerushalayim Bakery Closes After 123 Years

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After operating for more than a century, the iconic Lendner Bakery in Yerushalayim’s Meah She’arim quarter has closed.

A notice posted on the doors of the landmark bakery at the corner of Leib Dayan Street and Moshe Dov Lendner Street said: “The Lendner Bakery, which was established by Rav Moshe Dov Lendner in 1896, is closing its doors after 123 years of a family tradition of baking, helping others and supporting the community, which was passed down from father to son.”

The note continued: “We thank our steadfast and faithful customers for the trust they placed in us for all these years.” The bakery, named for its founder, was best known for its Shabbos and Yom Tov challah.


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  1. Many a bachur from Mir were nehene from them- especially back in the day when there were NO eateries in the area (except for shteisel’s bakery).
    That was our thursday night supper.

  2. Lendner challahs really were special – it’s such a pity! I’ve been baking my own for the past many years, but in the olden days we used to buy them. They were much tastier than the standard challahs.
    I guess after being passed down for two generations and after the petira of founder Reb Moshe Dov’s grandson, Mati Lendner, 2.5 years ago, the younger generation is not as interested in the business. Maybe they’re into more lucrative ventures.


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