IDF: 300 Missiles Launched at Israel, Iron Dome Stopping 60%


The Spokesperson’s Office of the Israel Defense Forces said, Monday evening, that Gaza terrorists have launched about 300 missiles at Israel.

It said the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted dozens of the missiles, nearly 60% of those fired, and that most of the other missiles exploded in open areas.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Let’s have a little more accuracy in reporting before scaring everyone.

    Iron Dome was fired only against the missiles THAT WERE THREATENING, which was 60 of all that were fired. The other 40% “fell into open areas” and weren’t threatening, so no sense wasting an Iron Dome on them.

    Of the missiles that were threatening, the percentage intercepted by Iron Dome was much higher than 60% (actual number is classified). Unfortunately, no protection system is perfect, so some leaked through and did the damage we see.


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