IDF and Media Misrepresent “Largest Chareidi Enlistment”

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idf-chareidi-koselIt’s one thing to try to draft yeshiva bochurim. It’s another thing to lie about it.

Yesterday, the supposed “biggest ever recruitment” of chareidim began, with about 400 young chareidi and religious men enlisting in the IDF, most in Netzach Yehuda, the newly established charedi infantry battalion, and a few dozen in security roles at Air Force bases and combat support roles for other units.

The enlistment was reported by the IDF and its compliant media as the largest to charedi combat courses that the IDF has held thus far. 250 recruits will go into two companies, which will be part of the two charedi battalions, and will be sent to a special first-of-its-kind training base in the Jordan Valley, established solely for training charedi soldiers.

The only glaring discrepancy is that virtually every soldier who showed up yesterday was not the chareidi described in news reports. “Orthodox” and “religious” they were, but they were definitely not the Ponovezh, Mir, Chevron and Chadeira talmidim whom the likes of Yair Lapid wish to draft into the IDF.

The greater chareidi tzibbur is still holding strong against the draft attempts of the current government.

The IDF says that in Netzach Yehuda, which was established in 1999, 30% will be religious soldiers and 70% will be charedi soldiers. The Personnel Directorate’s definition of “charedi” is based on the last educational institution in which he studied. This definition becomes tricky, because what the IDF wishes to term chareidi and what the chareidi world terms chareidi is likely very different. Supporters of the effort to draft bnei yeshiva of the chareidi world will continue to seek to portray a greater number of chareidi draftees to demonstrate the success of their campaign to empty the yeshivos. But the misrepresentation of chareidi draftees is being revealed.

Reserves Brigadier General Yehuda Duvdevani, head of Nachal Chareidi and founder of Netzach Yehuda, was at the induction center yesterday to welcome the new soldiers. He told Yediot Achronot, “An additional IDF battalion means less summons to reserve regiments and savings of tens of millions of shekels a year to the IDF. The integration of soldiers affiliated with religious Zionism into the battalion is important and helps strengthen the charedi soldiers. We should continue recruiting, but as we have done so far – with mutual respect and understanding, and without being inflammatory.”

The new conscription law has not yet been approved in second and third readings in the Knesset.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I would tell Lapid “Dream on ‘cuz it ain’t gonna happen that Bnei Torah, the chareidim they’re after will ever enlist, never ever.”
    Will they imprison thousands of charedim or their Roshei Yeshiva and Rebbes?

  2. Don’t forget that the “share the burden” crowd is some leftist NGOs, the court, and some minor politicos. The army does not want more than the small chareidi enlistment they get ‘naturally”, with no interest in forced chareidi conscripts. If they can pass off DLs as charedim, and everyone is happy for the moment, why complain?

  3. I think somebody let Yair Lapid know about this mistake, and he will now double down his efforts and expand to the Ponevezh, Mir and Chadeira talmidim mentioned


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