IDF Arrests Girl For Evading The Draft Despite Her Claiming To Be Religiously Exempt

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A young woman from Netanya has been detained in military prison for ten days for evading IDF service even though she claims that as a religious girl she is exempt from military service.

According to Kol Bracha radio, the young woman was educated in Chabad institutions and  lives a religious lifestyle.

According to the girl’s mother, her daughter spiritual level plunged when she was transferred to a boarding school a few years back. The daughter shared photos on Facebook in which she appears to be living a secular lifestyle and from which the army based its position that she is secular and therefore must enlist.

The IDF contends that the girl is in fact living a secular lifestyle and is therefore subject to the draft.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. All the army wants to do its destroy toros yisroel. If a girl is brought up religious home and becomes less religious she is obligated to join the army. And if a girl was brought up in a non religious home and decides to become religious,she too is considered non religios and obligated to join the army.

    • No.
      Firstly I have seen any godal B’Yisroel “demand these protests”
      Secondly “these protests” are way more likely to increase danger than decrease it.
      The anti-frum party don’t show footage of bochrim learning B’hasmadah in say Chevron when they are looking for votes. They show footage of “these protests”


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